Simon Don Mwelwa


Simon Don Mwelwa

Finance Specialist

About Simon Don Mwelwa

With over 20 years of invaluable experience in the financial realm, Simon Don Mwelwa stands as a seasoned professional in the field of finance. His educational journey reflects a commitment to excellence, holding a Diploma in Accounting in Business & Management, a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management & Administration, and is currently in the final phase of completing his Master in Business Management & Sustainability.

Professional Expertise: Simon brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in financial management, strategic planning, and sustainable business practices. His strategic insights and analytical acumen make him a key asset in steering financial strategies that align with long-term sustainability goals.

Educational Background:

  • Diploma in Accounting in Business & Management: A solid foundation in accounting principles and business management.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Management & Administration: Comprehensive knowledge of business operations and administration.
  • Masters in Business Management & Sustainability (Final Phase): A commitment to staying at the forefront of sustainable business practices, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to finance.

Passion for Sustainability: Simon's dedication to sustainability is evident in his pursuit of a Master's degree focused on integrating business management with sustainability principles. This passion not only shapes his professional endeavours but also positions him as a leader in fostering environmentally conscious financial strategies.

Simon Don Mwelwa's extensive experience, coupled with a commitment to ongoing education, positions him as a vital member of our team. His financial acumen and dedication to sustainability align seamlessly with our mission at Action for Nature Zambia.