Chilekwa Kangwa


Chilekwa Kangwa

Visionary Founder

About Chilekwa Kangwa

Meet Chilekwa Kangwa, a born philanthropist and humanitarian, whose journey from the humble beginnings of Mulenga Sunkutu village in Kanchibiya district of Muchinga province to becoming the visionary founder of Action for Nature Zambia is nothing short of inspiring.

Early Life and Beliefs: Born in 1985 to a small peasant couple among eight siblings, Chilekwa attended modest schools, shaping his resilient character. He firmly believes that life's challenges can be overcome with perseverance and self-confidence. His conviction centers on the declaration of human rights and the relentless pursuit of those rights for all.

Philosophy of True Generosity: Chilekwa mastered the secret of true generosity, emphasizing that it involves combating the root causes of societal issues rather than perpetuating false charity. He advocates for the empowerment of individuals and communities, encouraging them to transform their worlds through meaningful work.

Honoring Human Dignity: Chilekwa emphasizes the fundamental right of every individual to be respected and treated as a human being. His mission is to eradicate the barriers that hinder this right, working tirelessly to create a society where humanity is honored and uplifted.

Long-Term Vision: For Chilekwa, the essence of honor lies not in living forever but in creating a legacy that endures. He instills in his team the importance of contributing to something greater than themselves, fostering a mindset of positive thinking and resolution.

Leadership Style: While not an academic intellectual, Chilekwa is a born leader and a strategic thinker. His farsighted perspective, commitment to critical thinking, and analytical prowess make him an exceptional intellectual. He encourages a proactive approach, emphasizing that decisions and actions shape the path to success.

Team Philosophy: Chilekwa's team shares a positive mindset and a resolute belief in their collective power. They acknowledge that failure and success are within their control, and they hold themselves accountable for the positive impact they can make. Their commitment extends to recognizing the planet's paramount importance in the grand scheme of existence.

In the realm of Action for Nature Zambia, Chilekwa Kangwa's leadership is not just about making a difference today but creating a lasting impact that resonates through generations.